Cheer,Footy, Bball, #gohawks😍😘

Learning leaders speech 📕

This is my learning leader speech Please vote for me thanks☺️

What I’m reading 📖

I am reading this book right now I’m really interested in it So far my favourite character so far is Jacob,jacob is a war wolf 🐺 and Edward is a vampire just saying I’m on team Jacob 😜


This was really fun and I would recommend it for other people

Beauty buys

I love this so much and this is one of my monthly posts This will be under the name beauty buys💋👗


I support the Paralympics because I feel happy that they are continuing on with their life even though they have a disadvantage


On Tuesday night I went to school production there was a couple of things different there was where we sit and how we got ready We sat in a dressing room instead of a pit we got ready in 3… Continue Reading →

Dog Park

Governments Tagul


My step mum made pork roast. as soon as it came out of the oven my dad got out the Electric knife and cut the pork roast my step mum Took out the crunchy potato , steamed light green Broccoli,… Continue Reading →

How cute love this also welcome

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